Announcement of Price Revision

Thank you for choosing our skin clinic as your go-to destination for your skincare needs.

Due to recent changes in supply costs, increases in various expenses, and rising labor costs, we will be adjusting the prices of some of our treatment menus, as outlined below.


Price change menu from August

Botulinum toxin injection(CORETOX®

Wrinkles(Tax included)・Free for touch-up

Touch-upFreeVertical wrinkles of the nose Bunny lines¥24,860→¥18,700Marionette lines Vertical wrinkles at the corners of the mouth Mouth corner lift¥24,860→¥18,700
Forehead¥29,810→¥18,700Gummy smile gums being excessively visible¥24,860→¥18,700Dimpled chin¥24,860→¥18,700
Frown lines¥29,810→¥18,700Smile linescheek¥29,810→¥18,700Neck lines¥49,500→¥37,400
Crows feet¥29,810→¥18,700Vertical lip lines¥24,860→¥18,700Shortening nose-to-lip distance ¥19,800→¥18,700

Microinjection(Tax included)

5U ¥24,200→¥19,800  10U ¥27,500→¥24,200  20U ¥34,100→¥31,350  30U 40,700→¥38,500

Masseters・Stiff shoulders・Calf of legs・Hay fever(Tax included) (U = Units)

Masseter muscles Facial contouring50U ¥34,980→¥29,700
80U ¥49,500→¥39,600
Calves of legs Calf Slimming100U¥55,000→¥44,000
Stiff shoulders Shoulder Slimming50U ¥34,980→¥29,700
Hay fever8U ¥4,400

*For hay fever, botulinum toxin is dripped into the nasal cavity. A nurse performs the operation.

Excessive sweating(Tax included)

Axillary50U ¥44,000→¥29,700
100U ¥64,900→¥44,000
Palms100U ¥64,900→¥59,400
150U ¥79,200→¥73,700
Soles150U ¥79,200→¥73,700
200U ¥93,500→¥88,000

Price change menu from September

Contraceptive Pills and Spironolactone

Sucee ¥2,486→¥2,640Labellefille ¥2,178→¥2,420
Yasmin generic (Drospirenone-Ethinyl Estradiol)¥2,948→¥2,970Cerazette(Minipill)¥2,728→¥2,970
Mercilon ¥2,486→¥2,640Spironolactone ¥33→¥44


Ozempic (2mg)¥23,100→¥26,400

Removal of Warts by CO2 Laser Treatment

~2mm / pc:¥3,300→¥5,5002~5mm / pc:¥6,600→¥8,800
~2mm / 10~20 pcs:¥55,000~2mm / 21~30 pcs:¥77,000
~2mm / 31~40 pcs:¥94,600~2mm more than 41pcs :¥1,100 / pc

Price change menu from October

Partial area hair removal

Chest and Abodomen¥36,960→¥18,480
Upper back and Lower back¥36,960→¥18,480

The above pricing will be changed from the cost of 2 areas to the cost of 1 area.

Time-based hair removal

30 minutes¥12,100→¥14,740
60 minutes¥24,200→¥29,480

Men’s 20-minute VIO (intimate area) hair removal

20 minutes¥11,000→¥14,300
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