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Telemedicine website

Our clinic provides telemedicine in the medical field such as AGA treatment, acne treatment, and dispensing cosmetics. For patients who are too far away to easily visit the clinic, or who are too busy with work or school to have time to visit the doctor’s office, we will examine and prescribe medicines online and deliver medicines to your home.

* Please note that the first consultation is only available for “face-to-face consultation” (excluding hair loss counseling).

Online medical consultation questionnaire

For those who are re-examined

If you are a re-examiner and would like to be examined by phone, please send us a questionnaire (photo can be attached). We will contact you from our clinic at the back.

  • We do not accept the appointment of a doctor in charge.
  • Please read the contents of the website of the desired medical treatment menu.
  • Due to the fact that appointments are crowded, there are many cases where doctors can not respond at the designated time, so we will make reservations with a range of time.

About the use

We will explain the telemedicine and fill out the “consent form”. The consent form can also be sent online with an email address. There are rules for telemedicine established by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, so please note that those who cannot comply with the rules may be refused telemedicine.


  • In principle, “face-to-face consultation” is required for the prescription of medicines, and “telemedicine” is limited to patients who do not have enough time to go to the clinic, patients who are too far away to go to the clinic, and when there are special circumstances.
  • Telemedicine is not mail-ordered. Therefore, if the doctor’s permission to prescribe is not granted, it may not be possible to prescribe it.
  • Be sure to observe the dosage and do not use medicines at your own discretion. In addition, please regularly conduct the examinations prescribed by our clinic.
  • If you do not follow the doctor’s instructions regarding the use of medicines, you will be responsible and will suspend any further prescription or treatment even in the middle of treatment.
  • If you have any abnormalities in your skin or physical condition, or if you have any side effects, discontinue use and consult a doctor. We may instruct you to come to our clinic, so please receive face-to-face consultation in that case.
  • Resale or transfer of medicines is prohibited.
  • Please note that due to the nature of the drug, it is not possible to return or refund after prescription.

How to use

  • Access our online formulation page
  • Please enter the password notified by our clinic and log in.
  • After that, click “New Membership Here” at the bottom of the screen, fill in the necessary information, and register as a member.
  • After registering as a member and logging in, select “Category”, select the prescribed medicine, and add it to your cart. After that, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • If you have any side effects or medical consultations, please fill in the remarks column.
  • Later, your doctor will contact you by email, phone and, if necessary, video call, including whether or not to prescribe a prescription. You may also be asked to send us photos of the affected area and test data conducted at other hospital.

Remote consultation fee and shipping fee

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Medical examination fee

  • The initial examination fee is 3,850 yen and the re-examination fee is 1,650 yen (tax included).
  • Those who have been examined at our clinic will be treated as a re-examination (excluding medical hair removal). Even if the medical treatment menu or medication is changed, the fee will be treated as a re-examination.
  • If you only wish to prescribe topical medicines (coloring pills), dispensing cosmetics, or whitening internal medicines, there is no re-examination fee. Re-examination fees are charged for prescription of oral medication (medicine) and injection drugs (systematically, they are combined with shipping costs).
  • Please note that telephone consultations with doctors and additional e-mail consultations are subject to a remote re-examination fee for each consultation.


  • As a shipping fee, we will charge 880 yen (tax included) nationwide for each delivery. Even in the case of multiple prescriptions and multiple types of formulations, the fee is uniform.
    * On the system, the consultation fee and shipping fee are combined.
  • Within 7 business days, items that require refrigeration will be delivered by cool mail, and items that are stored at room temperature and room temperature will be delivered by ordinary mail. If it is mixed, we will deliver by cool mail.
  • Please note that international delivery is not possible for any reason.

Payment method and timing of payment

  • We offer credit card payment (payment is at the time of product shipment) and bank transfer. If you are transferring by bank transfer, please make the transfer within 7 days after the doctor notifies you of the possibility of prescribing.
  • If payment cannot be confirmed within 7 days, we will cancel it.
  • If prescription permission is not granted, we will respond as follows.
    1. Those who have made credit card payment: We will cancel your order.
    2. Those who have made a bank transfer: We ask for a transfer after contacting the prescription permission from our clinic. Please note that if you make a transfer first at your own discretion before contacting us from our clinic, it will be refunded after deducting the transfer fee.

Medicines subject to telemedicine

  1. Accutane (isotretinoin), minoxidil tablets and successors are not eligible for telemedicine because they require regular examinations, but we will only respond if there are special circumstances.
  2. Patients who are taking pills, mini-pills, and spironolactone should always have blood drawn (liver function, kidney function, electrolyte and anemia tests), blood pressure measurements, and weight measurements taken once every six months. Examinations can be conducted at our clinic or at other hospitals.
  3. If regular examinations are not conducted, there may be a risk that side effects cannot be prevented in advance. Isotretinoin once every 1 ~ 2 months, Saxenda once every 3 months, minoxidil, low-dose pill and spironolactone once every 6 months, Mini pill, finasteride and dutasteride once every 6 months ~ 1 year, When ordering, please contact “Hada no clinic Kojimachi” to contact “Hada no clinic Kojimachi” to contact us. TEL: 03-6261-7433 If it is difficult to call, please contact us with the test result (with or without abnormality) in the remarks column of the telemedicine. If there is an abnormality, please fill in the details.

* Please note that if you have not been notified of the test results and we have sent you two e-mails to the effect that you would like us to conduct an examination, and you have not been notified of the test results both times, we may not be able to prescribe it.