Hair Loss Treatment


Hair loss treatment at Hada no clinic

We provide hair loss treatment for both men (AGA treatment) and women. For more details, please visit the following link.

Characteristics of our hair loss treatment at our clinic

Treatment tailored to patient preferences

The level of concern about hair loss can vary from person to person. Some individuals, even with advanced hair loss, may choose not to undergo treatment, while others with mild hair loss may be interested in pursuing strong treatment.

We prioritize treatments that align with the patient’s preferences, and if a patient does not wish to proceed with treatment, we will not impose it forcefully..

Explanation by a physician

At our clinic, there are no AGA counselors. During consultations, our physicians personally provide explanations about the medication and its potential side effects. We ensure that patients receive a thorough understanding of both the benefits and potential drawbacks of the treatment. We strive to provide accurate information and make every effort to prevent side effects.

However, please note that English is not our native language, so there may be instances where explanations may be insufficient. We appreciate it if patients can review our website beforehand.

Treatment at fair prices

We have disclosed all our prices on our website. We do not recommend expensive package contracts or unnecessary hair growth mesotherapy. Our focus is on providing treatment at reasonable and fair prices.