AGA, Hair Loss Treatment


Types of AGA Treatment at our clinic

Correct AGA Treatment

From the AGA Clinic, many patients are transferred to our hospital. The problems of patients’ dissatisfaction with AGA treatment can be broadly summarized in the following three categories.

  1. Doctor’s response
  2. AGA Counselor
  3. Unclear fees

1. Doctor’s response

As for the first problem, when you go to a clinic, the counselor explains the contents of the treatment, and there seems to be a clinic where there is almost no explanation from the doctor, only prescription medicine. In such clinics, part-time doctors may simply prescribe medicines.

2. AGA Counselor

The second problem is with counselors. Counselors in AGA specialty clinics do not have any medical qualifications. There are many clinics where counselors who are not qualified as doctors perform illegal medical practices such as recommending treatment to patients. Also, because of quotas and incentives, counselors may recommend expensive courses.

3. Unclear fees

The third is the problem of treatment costs. Since AGA is self-funded, it is inevitable that there will be variations in prices depending on the hospital. However, while advertised as “¥3,000 a month~” and “counseling free”, they are recommended to prescribe medicines and unnecessary hair growth mesotherapy (treatment with growth factors), and are forced to take courses of ¥800,000 a year.

AGA Treatment at the “Hada no clinic”

We do not recommend unreasonable treatment, and provide treatment according to the patient’s wishes.
The doctor will explain the merits and demerits of the treatment and prescribe the medicine.
We do not recommend expensive courses or medical loans.

1. Treatment according to wishes

As for how much thinning hair is worrisome, there are individual differences in how you feel. There are people who do not want treatment even if the degree of progression is high, those who want to be able to stop progression, those who want to grow well, etc. are different for each person.

We do not prescribe original treatments uniformly or make unnecessary mesotherapy courses organized.

2. Explanation by a doctor

There are no AGA counselors at our clinic, and doctors perform everything including medical examination, medicine selection, and explanation of side effects.(For this reason, please note that our clinic does not offer free counseling.)

In addition, not only the merits but also the disadvantages such as side effects and risks are firmly explained. Drugs for AGA and FAGA are highly safe, but in rare cases, serious side effects may occur. We thoroughly disclose information correctly and strive to prevent side effects as much as possible.

3. Treatment at reasonable rates

Our clinic discloses all fees on its website. Please be assured that there is no prescription of original therapeutic medicines that cost ¥30,000 per month or expensive courses such as ¥600,000 or ¥800,000 per year.