Our Doctors

Below are the doctors who work at HADA NO Clinic Koenji and Kojimachi clinics. Please see below for a list of doctors in charge at each clinic.

Lin, Chia-Hsuan, M.D.

林 家勳 略歴資格・学会
2010年 国立台湾大学医学部卒業
2022年 医療法人社団 肌のクリニック

Dr. Lin is originally from Taiwan and now a dermatologist in Japan. He graduated from National Taiwan University School of Medicine and earned his MPH degree from the University of Tokyo. He obtained medical licenses in both Taiwan and Japan and completed his dermatology residency in The University of Tokyo Hospital and The Jikei University Hospital.

Dr. Lin provides outstanding care in many areas of dermatology, including general dermatology, aesthetic dermatology, and laser dermatology. He is particularly interested in acne/Accutane treatment, acne scars, androgenetic alopecia,  ablative/cosmetic laser procedure, Botulinum toxin injections, and LGBTQ healthcare.

His clinical philosophy involves working together with his patients as partners in achieving their medical and aesthetic goals.

Dr. Lin can speak fluent English, Taiwanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese. Please feel free to visit him for any skin problems or cosmetic consultation.

From Lin, Chia-Hsuan, M.D.

Director’s Comment

Dr. Lin has a long career as a doctor and has extensive knowledge in dermatology, pediatrics, and internal medicine. As a dermatologist, he has accurate diagnostic skills and treatment experience, and his ability to speak four languages enables him to provide smooth medical care to foreign residents in Japan. He is a diligent doctor with a deep knowledge not only of medicine but also of language and culture.

Yosuke Iwahashi, M.D.
The director of HADA NO Clinic

岩橋 陽介 略歴資格・学会
2003年 三重大学医学部卒業
VA Palo Alto Health Care System 実習
2003年 関東中央病院
2006年 総合病院 厚生中央病院
2006年 山口クリニック皮膚科(非常勤)
2011年 山口クリニック皮膚科(常勤)
2015年 医療法人社団 肌のクリニック開業
Yosuke Iwahashi

Our clinic is a dermatology and cosmetic dermatology clinic focusing on acne, AGA treatment, outpatient laser treatment, medical hair removal, etc. We have two offices in Tokyo, in Koenji and Kojimachi. We aim to be an accessible clinic for our patients.

Our patients range from those who want to be more beautiful and healthy to those who have skin and hair problems.

We believe that our mission is to meet the needs and concerns of such patients head-on and improve them through correct treatment. We sometimes tell patients, “You shouldn’t worry too much about it, it’s okay as it is.” We do not recommend treatment because we are concerned about the patient’s anxiety. This is because we are not in the business of making our patients anxious, but rather we think about what is best for our patients.

I originally specialized in general internal medicine (lifestyle-related diseases, endocrinology, hormones, etc.) and cardiology (heart and blood vessels). 16 years ago, I started an outpatient dermatology practice, which started because I myself had suffered from acne for many years.

After becoming a doctor, I cured my own acne, which had been bothering me since elementary school, with “isotretinoin treatment”. The acne that could not be cured even after visiting various dermatologists was completely cured in just two courses of isotretinoin treatment, and I realized once again the difference in acne treatment between Japan and Western countries.

I established an outpatient clinic specializing in acne treatment at my former hospital 16 years ago out of a desire to safely and correctly provide the standard treatment practiced in western to patients suffering from acne in the same way. While providing emergency medical care as an internist at a core regional hospital, I used my outpatient days to provide dermatology and acne care at the clinic, and later became I mainly provided treatment for acne and AGA.

When I started my practice, there were very few doctors in Japan who were actively practicing Accutane and hormone therapy according to the guidelines of the American Academy of Dermatology, and even today there are still few. In this situation, the number of patients with severe acne treated with isotretinoin and hormone therapy has reached over 15,000.

I am proud to be one of the most experienced doctors in Japan when it comes to acne treatment with isotretinoin and hormonal agents. If you have given up on acne because it has not healed no matter where you go, please contact our clinic.

With regard to AGA, we explain the advantages and disadvantages and provide treatment according to the patient’s wishes. In addition to standard treatment using finasteride and topical minoxidil, we also offer powerful treatment using minoxidil tablets and the new drug dutasteride, which has a powerful hair-growth effect.

For treatment of spots, warts, moles, acne scars, and medical hair removal, we have a total of 14 lasers at our two offices, and we combine various types of lasers according to the symptoms. We are proud to be one of the best in Tokyo in terms of the number of laser cases, and all of our doctors are skilled in laser treatment.

In addition, we also prescribe cosmetics made from pharmaceutical ingredients called dispensing cosmetics, which are rare in Japan. Patients suffering from acne and atopic dermatitis have sensitive skin, so some of them have problems with cosmetics. We receive a consultation from a patient asking, “Is there anything good?” We started making cosmetics 16 years ago because we wanted to offer products that are truly good for the skin without using preservatives, etc., if we were going to make them in the clinic.

We have patients and staff try our products, and through trial and error and improvement, we formulate only those products that have been highly evaluated. In particular, dispensed cosmetics containing “human placenta extract” and “skin regeneration factors” have received very positive feedback from patients.

Cosmetic dermatology is of course specialized in treatment to cure acne from the inside, so you can check the whole body including the side effects of medicines, so please consult our clinic with confidence.

From Yosuke Iwahashi, M.D.

Yoko Wakimizu, M.D.
The assistant director of HADA NO Clinic

涌水 陽子 略歴資格・学会
2007年 東京薬科大学薬学部卒業
2011年 国立群馬大学医学部卒業
2018年 医療法人社団 肌のクリニック

Yoko Ryusui

Before working at our hospital, I worked as a dermatologist at a clinic in Tokyo. In addition, since I graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy, I have obtained both a pharmacist’s license and a medical license. I have a long experience as a cosmetic dermatologist, and in addition to acne and AGA treatment, I have been involved in anti-aging treatments such as treatment with various lasers and injection of hyaluronic acid and Botox.

In recent years, the demand for aesthetic medicine has been increasing regardless of gender, and the aesthetic medicine market is rapidly expanding. Medical devices and therapeutic drugs are also evolving day by day, so it seems that they are contributing to the resolution of complexes for many people.

However, it cannot be said that patient satisfaction is improving in response to the evolution of aesthetic medicine. This is because, while aesthetic medicine contributes to the resolution of complexes, it has also become a business that takes advantage of complexes in reverse.

If you go to a beauty clinic, you may have the experience of being actively recommended for expensive surgeries and treatments. However, I myself was reluctant to recommend unnecessarily expensive cosmetic treatments to patients, and I could not force advertising them, and gradually became conflicted with my situation. Maybe it’s because of my cautious nature that I don’t feel like I can trust such clinics.

Cosmetic treatment was interesting, and I felt that it was worthwhile to eliminate patients’ worries. However, although I had a passion to study more deeply, as a result of struggling through various things, I was thinking of withdrawing from aesthetic medicine for a while. At that exact timing, I had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Iwahashi, the director of our hospital. Seeing the sincerity of the hospital director’s medical care, abundant knowledge, and insatiable spirit of inquiry, I was able to solidify my determination to continue with aesthetic medicine. I feel like it was a lucky event that decided my life as a doctor.

The “skin clinic” is a very serious clinic. We incorporate evidence-based treatment with knowledge gained from the latest research and clinical experience, and constantly update our medical care. And without forcibly recommending treatment, it is possible to choose treatment according to the symptoms and lifestyle of the person.

It is precisely because I have worked through the light and shadow of free medical care that I strongly feel the sincerity of our hospital, and I feel that it is our mission to continue this sincere medical system in the future. If I can support the smiles on each and every one of you, I am extremely happy as a doctor. We will strive to provide responsible and wholehearted medical care, so please do not hesitate to consult us.

From Yoko Wakimizu, M.D.

Director’s Comment

Dr. Wakimizu has a long experience in cosmetic dermatology, and is a doctor who is enthusiastic about research on “how to be beautiful” and gives accurate advice to become beautiful skin, so there are many fans among our patients. They have a wealth of knowledge of medications and are familiar with side effects, so please leave the treatment with confidence.

Atsushi Ito, M.D.

伊東 篤志 略歴資格・学会
2015年 東京医科大学医学部卒業
2018年 医療法人社団 肌のクリニック

Atsushi Ito

I have been treating all kinds of dermatology such as acne, alopecia, and skin infections at university hospitals and city hospitals. Currently, in addition to treating acne, AGA, and alopecia in women at a skin clinic, I am in charge of laser outpatient care such as spots and bruises, and cosmetic medicine. We will make use of the medical experience and knowledge of dermatologists so far to propose accurate medical care.

Now, what is your impression of cosmetic dermatology? I consider it to be a familiar area where we can improve the skin problems of patients.

Regardless of the severity, I think that there are many people who have been troubled by acne and acne scars at least once, and AGA is also a disease that has been troubled for many years as a complex because it is related to the first impression. Nevertheless, there are many cases where actual insurance treatment is not satisfactory enough just because it is not life-threatening, and medical care that procrastinates the fundamental problem is performed.

However, we believe that the anxiety and mental burden of having acne and AGA is never something that can be underestimated. I have doubts about the actual state of such medical care, and I am striving for aesthetic medicine every day from the desire to provide optimal treatment that is close to the skin of each patient.

We value the feelings you have and will strive for medical care with sincerity as our creed. Please do not hesitate to consult us about anything.

Doctor: Atsushi Ito

Director’s Comment

Dr. Ito has been aiming for cosmetic dermatology since his initial training, and is a serious and gentle teacher. Sometimes I talk to patients at the consultation and make them wait for the next appointment, but I think it is because it is easy for patients to consult and receive a lot of consultation. In addition to consultation on acne treatment, AGA treatment, laser outpatient care, etc., since he is a doctor who provides medical care while being close to the patient’s feelings, please consult us and consult us about anything, even if you have any painful worries.

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