Treatment Interval


Treatment Interval

The interval between treatments is summarized as a guideline below. The individual period varies depending on the condition of the skin, the output of the laser and equipment, etc., so please consult a doctor for details. Regarding the treatment performed at other hospitals, detailed treatment contents and output etc. can not be understood, so please check with the doctor of other hospitals.

Laser ALong pulse yag laser (mild), toning, double irradiation, keloid laser
Laser BLaser hair removal, powerful long Palyag laser, Delmatron (medium frequency), photoepilation, IPL, photo facial
Laser CVascular treatment laser, eye bear laser (1064 wavelength), age treatment laser (532 wavelengths, 1064 wavelengths)
Laser DEco-Two (CO2 Fractional Laser), Hokuro, Warts Treatment Laser (Carbon Dioxide Laser)

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Household hair removal device

Since the output of household hair removal devices is generally weaker than that for medical or professional use, there are no restrictions as long as there is no abnormality on the skin (strong dryness of the skin, no wounds due to treatment, redness, peeling, etc.). However, burns from household hair removal devices have also been reported, and our hospital does not know the model, output setting, and usage method, so please use at your own risk. If you are worried, we recommend the same interval as Laser B.

Art Makeup

There are no restrictions if there is no abnormality on the skin of the part where art makeup is performed (a state in which there is no strong dryness of the skin, scratches, redness, peeling, etc. due to treatment). However, since the entire skin is extremely dry during isotretinoin oral administration, please do it after a period of at least one month after the end of oral administration. Art makeup is a medical practice, so please have your skin examined by a doctor and receive treatment under the judgment and responsibility of that doctor.

Treatment at other hospitals

Even with the same laser, the output and treatment method may differ depending on the facility. In addition, depending on the condition of the skin, it may be necessary to shorten or lengthen the treatment interval. Therefore, please be examined at the clinic where you receive the treatment and receive treatment under the judgment and responsibility of the doctor.