※ It is a treatment only in Kojimachi-in, but Takamado Temple is also scheduled to be introduced after mid-April 2022.

Heiff (High Density Focused Ultrasound Therapy)

Heiff is a treatment that collects ultrasound waves into a single point to give heat to tissues. It is called HIFU, taking the acronym for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.


It is similar to the principle that when sunlight is collected with a lens, energy gathers at one point and generates heat, but hyphenation is also a technology that collects energy called ultrasonic waves at one point and instantaneously raises the temperature of the irradiation site.

The temperature of the skin surface during hyphenation is 33.1~35.6°C9, while the temperature of the internal tissue rises to 60°C or more. That is, by collecting ultrasound waves inside the skin, there are no burns on the skin surface, but rather the production of collagen in the tissues, resulting in rejuvenation4.

Ultra Former 3

Ultra Former 3
Ultra Former 3 (Heif)

The Ultraformer 3 is a medical device developed by CLASSYS to perform hyphenation. Overseas, it is sold as "shrink".

Using the principle of hyphen, it is used in cosmetic treatments to improve sagging and wrinkles on the face and neck.

Lasers are used to treat shallow layers from epidermis to dermis, but Ultraformer 3 is characterized by the fact that it applies heat not only to the dermis but also to the subcutaneous tissue and SMAS fascia by using handpieces with different depths of 2 mm, 3 mm, and 4.5 mm, thereby improving sagging in the deep layer.

Depth of Ultraformer 3
Depth of Ultraformer 3

Features of Ultra Former 3

Because ultrasound is irradiated inside the skin, it is very rare to burn the surface of the skin, and it is a treatment with little downtime such as redness.

To learn more about the features of Ultraformer 3, watch the video.


Heiff effect

Hyphen has been reported to be effective against sagging and wrinkles on the face and neck in a non-invasive manner (without cutting the skin like surgery or causing burns like lasers) and effective in rejuvenation 1 2 3 4 5.

Tightening and lifting of sagging

Apply heat to the three layers of dermis, subcutaneous tissue and fascia to tighten 2 5 6 7. By reducing collagen, which is an ingredient that maintains the elasticity of the skin, the firmness of the flabby skin is restored and a lift-up effect can be obtained.

Wrinkle improvement

By applying heat to the dermis and promoting collagen production, it improves wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, corners of the eyes, and forehead. In addition, due to the tightening effect of the dermis, subcutaneous tissue, and fascia, it has the effect of improving relatively large wrinkles such as spinal lines.

Partial slimming

Thermal energy is concentrated and irradiated, and fat cells are destroyed like gaping holes, reducing fat cells. Fat cells destroyed by ultrasound are phagocytosis by macrophages, a type of white blood cell, and are gradually digested and expelled out of the body.

In recent years, the effect of hyphenation on reducing subcutaneous fat and tightening the body has also been reported8 9.

Heiff Case Photos

Ultraformer 3 Eye-Corner Wrinkle Before Photo
Wrinkles at the corners of the eyes Before treatment
Ultra Former 3 Eye Corner Wrinkle After Photo
Wrinkles at the corners of the eyes after treatment
Ultra Former 3 Horei Line Before Photo
Spinal line Before treatment
Ultra Former 3 Horei Line After-Photo
Spinal line After treatment
Ultra Former 3 Neck Wrinkle Before Photo
Wrinkles on the neck Before treatment
Ultra Former 3 neck wrinkle after-photo
Wrinkles on the neck after treatment

Case photo: Courtesy of CLASSYS (effects vary from person to person)

Difference between a hyphen and a hyphen shower

It is recommended to undergo a hype shower and then sustainably undergo a hype shower.


The depth of the probe used and the actual depth of the skin are different, but the 2mm probe acts on the dermis ~ subcutaneous tissue, and the 3 mm and 4.5 mm action on the subcutaneous tissue ~ fascia. In places where subcutaneous tissue is thin, such as around the forehead and eyes, even 2 mm acts on the fascia, so use an appropriate probe depending on the site.

Treatment interval and duration of hyphenation

If you are new to hyphep, it will be easier to feel the effect if you do the first three times at intervals of 3 months.

The therapeutic effect peaks around the second month. The effect of collagen production lasts to some extent, but the tightening effect is thought to gradually decline after about 6 months, so treatment once every 6 months is recommended.

Treatment interval of hyphenation shower

Hyf shower is recommended treatment once every 1 ~ 2 months.

Hyphenation treatment in a skin clinic

In order to achieve the effect of hyphenation treatment with Ultraformer 3, we pay attention to the following things.

Number of shots

In order to obtain a therapeutic effect firmly, the number of shots is very important, not to mention the irradiation technology. The manufacturer's recommended number of shots is 650 shots for the entire face, but some clinics only take about 300 shots for the entire face.

To determine whether the treatment cost is cheap and appropriate, consider whether you are using a genuine cartridge, what the technical aspects, and the number of shots.

Physician treatment

Since ultrasound reaches the subcutaneous tissue deep in the skin, HIF is performed by a doctor at our hospital based on anatomical knowledge and nerve running.

Treatment results

Hyphen (physician treatment)2020: 183
Result of treatment of hyphen by doctor treatment

* This is the number of treatments for all face hyphens. Optional or nurse-assisted hyphenation showers are not included.

Fees for hyphenation (doctor's treatment)

2㎜ 3㎜ 4.5㎜
650ショット初回 86,900円
2回目以降 97,900円
2㎜ 3㎜ 4.5㎜+首2mm
850ショット初回 107,800円
2回目以降 118,800円

* A consultation fee will be charged only for the first time, but if you wish to only undergo treatment after the second time, there is no consultation fee.
※ Water and Thursday are weekdays during the week and the outpatient clinic is relatively not crowded, so the price is cheap.

Ultraformer Face Treatment Range
Ultraformer 3 irradiation range and number of shots

Fees for hyphenation showers (nurse treatment)



250ショット1回 26,400円



450ショット1回 41,800円
Hyfshower Face Treatment Range
Hyfshower irradiation range and number of shots

※ Our high flake includes everything from the forehead, around the eyes, to the cheeks.
* The neck 2mm is the same as that of doctors and nurses.

Side effects of hyphenation


During the procedure, you will feel heat and dull pain. Most people can be treated without anesthesia, but those who are vulnerable to pain will respond by lowering the output. It is also possible to do cream anesthesia with an option (3,300 yen), so it is recommended for first-time users.

After the procedure, pain like muscle pain may continue for several days to two weeks when touching, but do not worry. Try not to give stimulation such as massage.

Redness and swelling

Redness and swelling, even if it happens, subsides a few hours after surgery. In rare cases, a feeling of swelling or fever may persist for several days. Areas with a strong redness may have burns, and should be cooled with a coolant wrapped in a handkerchief.


Although rare, there is a risk of burns. The submandibular area is a site prone to burns, and scarring (swelling) due to deep burns may occur. Most people will improve over time, but very rarely there is a risk that remains. We will prescribe medicine such as ointment, so if you have the above symptoms, please cool down and consult as soon as possible.

internal bleeding

In rare cases, melasma can exacerbate itself. Postoperative dullness In rare cases, peteching and linear internal bleeding may occur. It may take about 1~2 weeks to improve.


In rare cases, melasma can exacerbate itself. If your dullness becomes strong after surgery, consult a doctor.

Fat Reduction

Frequent irradiation with a probe of 3 mm or more reduces fat at the treatment site, and frequent irradiation may reduce fat at the treatment site in rare cases. Generally, the more times you try, the higher the risk.

Thread lift cutting

It is thought that there is no problem if the thread is filmed about 1 month after the thread treatment, but although it is very rare, there have been reports of cases where the thread lift thread has been cut.


Although it is very rare, nerves in the face and neck may be damaged, resulting in numbness, discomfort, and movement disorders. In addition, it is a disorder of the fine peripheral nerves on the surface of the skin, and symptoms such as discomfort when touching may occur. Usually it improves within 3 months, but very rarely there is a risk that it will remain.

Anesthesia allergy

Although it is very rare, depending on the constitution, severe allergic symptoms (anaphylaxis: systemic rash, swelling of the skin, lips, tongue, breathing difficulty, palpitations, decreased blood pressure, impaired consciousness, convulsions, etc.) may occur with cream anesthesia (containing lidocaine, trace amounts of propylene glycol, ethanol, methylparabens, etc.).

Details are explained by the doctor using an explanation sheet at the time of the first consultation.

Those who may not be able to receive treatment

  1. Pacemaker, those who have gold threads embedded in their bodies
  2. Prostheses, silicone, implants, and metal plates cannot be applied to the part that contains them.
  3. People with severe diabetes
  4. Those who have an infection or severe skin disease at the treatment site
  5. Those with keloid constitution
  6. Those who are pregnant or may
  7. Those who received injections such as hyaluronic acid and Botox within 2 weeks
  8. Those who have received peeling, topical medicines for tretinoin, laser / light treatment (including hair removal) within 2 weeks
  9. Those who received oral treatment of isotretinoin (roaccutane isotroin) within 3 months
  10. Those who have taken gold preparations (rheumatic drugs)
  11. Those who have experienced allergies or shock symptoms due to anesthesia (optional anesthesia is not possible.) )
  12. Those who have undergone thread lift surgery within 1 month

Precautions when making a reservation

  1. Please make a reservation by phone. After the second time with a hyphen shower (treatment by a nurse), you can also use web reservations.
  2. Changes and cancellations of reservations on the day will be charged 3,300 yen uniformly. Cancellation by the previous business day is free of charge, but if you change or cancel your reservation, please contact us as soon as possible.
  3. If you are late for the treatment time, you will be irradiated within the treatment time.
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